Arne Paul Neumann, berlin musician (bass guitar, 6 and 8 string hawaiian lap steel guitars, guitarlele, electric baritone guitar, guitar, midi sounds, music production, musical arrangements, audio editing).

2022: may - Arne now occasionally plays live with legendary Berlin singer-guitarplayer Lüül a.k.a Lutz Ulbrich (of 17 Hippies, former Ashra, Agitation Free...). The album 'Der stille Tanz' is out now, available as cd on his website. The album was almost finished when Arne got the call to add his bass to two last songs.
'Each Time you lose Yourself', the new album by Kieran McMahon, mastered by Doug Henderson, is almost finished. Artwork is in the making ...
april - Arne has been in the studio to play bass for Snorre Schwarz! Interesting stuff, as always ...

2021: june - Kieran, Carola & Arne are back at work, rehearsing new material. ...
may - the recent album by Amrit Sadhana Singh, Wake Up, has just been released as physical cd. Listen to the very fine track Sagal Manorath - Arne is on bass, and did some of the musical arrangement, as well as wrote the violin arrangement on this one. ...

2020: march - Wake Up, the new yoga mantra album by Amrit Sadhana Singh, has been releasedArne has created two violin arrangements, co-produced, played bass, edited, and, together with Kieran McMahon, analog-mixed the album. It can be downloaded at Bandcamp. A cd is due to follow soon. 
january - Berlin Gumbo, the new album of poet-percussionist Snorre Schwarz is available for streaming or download. With Arne on bass, recording took place in february and may of 2019, overdubs and further production up until november. The cd of the album has been released in march and is available at Snorre's website
Enjoy watching the video for the title track Berlin Gumbo on Youtube! ... 

2019: october - recording of the new album by mantra-singer Amrit Sadhana Singh ... analog mixing by Kieran McMahon and Arne takes place in november ... 
Arne records with Snorre Schwarz for his upcoming album ... 

2018: november - demo recordings for mantra-singer Amrit Sadhana Singh
july - the debut album by dutch environmental activist/singer-songwriter Matthijs Lievaart has been released - Arne played bass and co-mixed the album.
Listen to the first Matthijs song on Youtube / download "Sat Nam" here.
Work on Kieran McMahons fourth album - Arne provides a few last brass arrangements... stay tuned ...

2017: november - the solo debut album by singer-songwriter Andres Kohla has been released. Recorded by Kieran McMahon at his all analog studio in berlin and played live with Arne adding bass to seven songs, it has been mixed by Kieran and Arne
Before and after recording in summer, Andres and Arne played a few inspiring live shows in Andres' homeland, on the northern coast of germany... 
Order the brandnew album at Andres' place * 
July - singer-composer and yoga teacher Amrit Sadhana Singh has just released his new album Akasha - Chants of Reverence as download as well as on cd - Click here to listen - Arne was co-producing and co-arranging, played bass, co-mixed and did the audio editing. 
Download at SpiritVoyage   -   get the cd at Satnam International

2015: SOUL BIRD, irish singer/songwriter Kieran McMahon's amazing solo album #3, is available as DOWNLOAD! Arne can be heard playing a bag full of music instruments and is responsible for co-producing, co-arranging and string arrangements. A vinyl version of the album is currently in the planning. Eventually, Kieran's debut album Falling deeper under a Spell, recorded in 2003, gets a new release, too - as does the never before officially released second album No wonder Life feels strange, finished in 2008 - LISTEN TO ALL or DOWNLOAD albums at BANDCAMP  - DOWNLOAD albums at iTunes
Steffi Tauber
's wonderfull first album as TAIKA, titled Survival Songs, has been released! Hear Arne playing several guitars - CHECK IT OUT
, Kundalini Mantras with Amrit Sadhana Singh & Friends, has been released on cd and for download - Arne has been co-mixing (analog) and did the audio editing - INFO
The Arenor Anuku Peppersoup BANDCAMP site is onlineLISTEN TO or DOWNLOAD the 4-track Peppersoup ep with Arne on bass at  BANDCAMP!

2014 - the long awaited atelierTheremin album Empfange neue Signale has been released on vinyl with bonus cd: truly experimental music in the vein of real, classic experimental Krautrock - once again Arne can be heard creating some spaced out sounds on his guitars. www.krautopia.com

2013 saw the release of Preslisa's smooth and enlivening album Back in Bornheim. Arne "Körnel Parka" has been to Frankfurt and Berlin, joining on baritone guitar on five tracks and a bit of guitarlele.
Have a look at the www.preslisa.de/shop


About Arne

After many years of work as a respected live, studio & session bass player, a somewhat bored Arne bought and modified an old hawaiian steel guitar in early 2000, for the next year developing both a particular 8-string tuning as well as further skills on the instrument. The purchase and cumulating use of an electric baritone guitar (tuned a fifth below regular guitar) by the end of the following year, along with the steel and his bass guitars, later adding an electric guitarlele (tuned a 5th above guitar - thanks, Steff!), various slide steel bars, an EBow, midi-instruments, and, whenever needed, a bagfull of electronic filters - now really made Arne a rather unconventional, fearless multi-instrumentalist …



Soon after recording bass and additional guitar both for Kieran McMahon and for another Maximilian Hecker album in the spring of 2006, Arne Neumann´s increasing experimental yearnings led him to join artist and theremin player Manfred Miersch's avantgarde electronic group atelierTheremin with singer Slyder C. Gaessler, where Arne is responsible since for all kinds of spacy sounding string instruments. Through the next year, atelierTheremin began to perform various complex live "PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA" shows *  how did that look?  *  With the release of their first collective album effort ofthis line-up in 2009, atelierTheremin began running particular bimonthly live shows at the then reactivated Zodiac free arts lab, inviting collaborateurs known in the history of German Krautrock … info on the ZODIAC (german)  *  atelierTheremin 2015 and back then …  


In 2011 Arne played bass and hawaiian steel on singer/songwriter Arenor Anuku's recording sessions for the album Geld spielt keine Rolle. That was fun - so Arne kept on playing in Arenor's group Peppersoup since, joined by percussionist Kofi Rocco Rossbach. www.arenoranuku.de

Since 2005, Arne occasionally accompanies and records with the most amazing "Queen of King", frankfurt singer/songwriter, ukulele player and actress Steffi Tauber (PRESLISATAIKA), on baritone guitar, hawaiian steel, and electric guitarlele. Whenever PRESLISA calls - Arne readily becomes "Körnel Parka"www.preslisa.de / www.taika-music.com

In 2002 Arne met Belfast singer/songwriter Kieran McMahon for demo recordings for the album Falling deeper under a Spell. They work together live and in the studio through various line-ups since. In 2011 Arne Neumann conspired again with former rhythm group/studio pal, now song poet/percussionist Snorre Schwarz, accompanying him on baritone guitar on his birth of BUD ROSES shows providing various sounds along with guitarist Aidan Bartley. Furthermore, Arne and his basses help out on recordings by hamburg guitar player/composer/producer Folke Jensen  - and he's willing to join forces with pianist/singer/performer Ralf Schlüter as durstdurst, "twanging" his baritone guitar.

atelierTheremin in the press

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Live with Preslisa

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Live with Kieran McMahon

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Arne has been working / works with:

atelierTheremin since 2006: a. o. collaborating with Michi Wehmeyer (Embryo) · Wolfgang 'sequenza' Seidel (CONrad SchnitzlerTon Steine Scherben, Kluster, Populäre Mechanik) · Faust / Zappi W. Diermaier & Jean-Hervé Peron · Bernd Witthueser; see releases and compilations sections also · Kieran McMahon since 2002: see releases section also · Preslisa since 2004: see releases section also · Folke Jensen since 2003 ·Arenor Anuku since 2011: see releases section also · Kofi Rocco Rossbach since 2011 · Snorre Schwarz since 2003 · Aidan Bartley since 2011 · Ralf Schlueter / durstdurst since 2005: see compilations section also · Kohla Bombay Duck 2002-05: see releases section also · Bakerman / Lani Ajibose 1993-96 · Dirk Berger (The Krauts) / Mango Lassi Allstars 2004 · Otto von Bismarck (ex Space CowboysCaspar BrötzmannThe Ultramarine Festival Band 1997-2000 / & The Ghost Of River Phoenix 2001 · Based Krajewski (Peter FoxSeeed) 1994-2000, 2004 · Guy Sternberg 2003-06 ·  Maximilian Hecker 2004-06: see releases and compilations section also · Nightshifters / Blues Brothers Show Berlin 1988-99 · dj marek / krozome 131 2003/04 · Adrian vom Hove/ 1000maschinenmusik 1999/2000 · Doron Burstein 2003-06 · Ad Howe’s / Christoph Gelbrich / Bernhard Schimpf & Elastophon 1990-93 · Nova Express 1990-95 · Over-Coffeed (1990-94) · Mothership Connection / Demba Nabé (SeeedBoundzound) 1993/94 · Human Factor / Petra Bayer 1990-93 · Obroni Tun Tum 1988/89 · Mäanda Theater 1993: soundscape for the performance "Raub"/ 1995: music for the theatre play "Mega perls - ein mörderischer Waschgang" w/ Oliver Blankenburg of Nova Express · 
…and many more 

Is Arne ever playing hawaiian steel and baritone guitar with electro acid country heroes Kohla Bombay Duck again some day?… Until then - listen to the boys, with Arne playing some nice steel guitar and a little baritone here and there on Myspace!