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PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA 2010 (click for details)


Since april 2007 the group performs live "PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA" shows at movie theatres, playing in front of 60s/70s classic movie pictures being muted! -

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**** LAST SHOW - UNERHÖRT! presents: Psychedelic Cinema revisited - sep. 10  2010 at Kantine am Berghain! ****

atelierTheremin and the PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA program in 2007 (archive)

The cinema Babylon-Mitte and the berlin experimental electronic group atelierTheremin invite you to the monthly psychedelic tuesday - showing 60s/70s classics of the PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA - with live music!

Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around… 

atelierTheremin live at the Psychedelic Cinema -
dates (archive):

dec 11 07 · 10pm  -  Alice In Acidland (excerpt) / The Pirate & The Crystal Ball / Wonderwall
**** Caution: on the 11th the movies will be shown as they normally appear - there will be no live concert on that date! ****
nov 20 07 · 10pm  -  Alice In Acidland (excerpt) / The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda / Psych Out
oct 09 07 · 10pm  -  The Psychedelic Priest / Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome
sep 11 07 · 10pm  -  Chappaqua / The Trip

…live at Kino Babylon-Mitte · Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30!

Fri apr 6, 2007  10pm at Kino Babylon-Mitte Berlin:

A weird-fantastic cult movie, filled with surrealistic symbolism - Alexandro Jodorowsky´s MONTANA SACRA. Additionally, experimental music will be performed live by the neo-krautrock group atelierTheremin.

Analog electronic and acoustic psychedelic sounds played live by the 2007 Krautrockers from Berlin!

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