durstdurst – schlüter & neumann – live!

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durstdurst & special guest Paul Orange live at LOKAL berlin 2008

noisy electroclash distortion at bang bang club berlin.  durstdurst supporting knarf rellöm 2007

durstdurst on vacation in hamburg.  recording at Folke Jensen's ultraschall studios 2008

before the late show.  neumann & schlüter hanging out at westgermany 2007

schlüter & neumann in action.  disturbing durstdurst performance at antje Øklesund berlin 2007

neumann & schlüter chat after the show.  at slomo prenzlauer berg berlin 2006

after show at brauseboys with guest authors Ahne (far right) and Thilo Bock (2nd left). laine-art berlin-wedding summer 2008.  harp and look: ralf schlüter. dano guitar and glasses: arne paul neumann

durstdurst at peter grosshauser's ae neukoelln in summer 2007.  back then a really cool place to hang out - today better check out peter's nice valentin stueberl donaustrasse 112 instead

high energy and technical collapse: kaminabend with guest Preslisa on ukulele at Grüner Salon/ Freie Volksbühne berlin 2006

in the dark: don schlueter & shady neumann.  durstdurst cozy at freudenhaus berlin 2005

butterflies & ghettoblaster lo-fi.  schlüter & neumann at mauersegler in the mauerpark berlin 2005.  the cops said hello just after durstdurst packed up their stuff