Andres Kohla - Andres Kohla

cd   self distr. / eissland records  2017

all songs: music & lyrics by Andres Kohla
analog mixing by Kieran McMahon and Arne Paul Neumann

Arne plays: Jaguar bass guitar on  Sand am Meer · Bienen als Lohn · Eiserne Braut · Sechzehnnullacht · Kette gut geölt · Rostige Karre · Wir schrauben uns nach oben

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Amrit Sadhana Singh & Friends - Akasha – Chants Of Reverence

download   self distr. / alb-900523   spirit voyage music  2017
cd   self distr. / KH-893   sat nam  2017


all songs: music by Amrit Sadhana Singh
produced by Amrit Sadhana Singh,Kieran McMahon and Arne Paul Neumann
analog mixing by Kieran McMahon and Arne Paul Neumann

Arne plays: Eko 6-string acoustic bass guitar on  Aap Sahaee Hoaa (Protection) · Saachaa Sahib (Prosperity) · Ardas Bahee (Fulfillment) · Gobinda Hari (Self Esteem)
Ruhpolding custom fretless bass and finger cymbals on  Mera Man Lochai (Prayer Of Longing For The Beloved)
custom fretless bass on  Moolmantra (Complete Prosperity)
Takamine baritone guitar and custom fretless bass on  Ong

Arne also created additional atmospheres and did the audio editing.

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some pieces of work…

Taika - Survival Songs

download   6Hz Zimmer 001  2015

all songs: music & lyrics by Taika a.k.a Steffi Tauber

Arne: Vester hawaiian steel guitar on  Never Today
Risa guitarlele on  Bubblegum Heart
Danelectro baritone on  Universe · Amsterdam

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Kieran McMahon - Soul Bird 

download   riverdale records 003  2015


all songs: music & lyrics by Kieran McMahon
produced and arranged by Kieran McMahon, Arne Paul Neumann and Carola McMahon

Arne: Risa guitarlele (lead and solo), Jaguar bass guitar, (double time) tambourine, handclaps and backing vocals on  Soul bird
Surfcaster bass on  Where the dark river meets the sea
Jaguar bass and Mellotron on  Dream winter's day
e-piano bass and Dano baritone on  Underneath a hazel tree
Ruhpolding custom bass on  This once
Jaguar bass, b-vocals and string arrangement on  One colour ends and another begins
Dano baritone and string arrangement on  Forever is mine
e-piano bass, electric guitarlele and var. percussion on  This must be the one
classical nylon guitar on  Love takes its time
e-piano bass and Dano baritone on  Avalanche

Arne also wrote and conducted the string section arrangements on One colour ends and another begins and Forever is mine and did audio editing on 6 tracks.

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Arenor Anuku Peppersoup - Peppersoup EP

ep download   peppersoup 2015

all songs: music & lyrics by Arenor Anuku Peppersoup / produced by Arenor Anuku Peppersoup / Arenor Anuku, Arne Paul Neumann, Kofi Rocco Rossbach & Martin Klingeberg
mixed and mastered by Ingo Krauss, candy bomber studio berlin

Arne plays:  Jaguar bass guitar on  Jetzt · Staerker · Alles Geht · Keine Sorgen


atelierTheremin - Empfange neue Signale

lp+cd box set  092 014   krautopia 2014

composed, mixed and produced by atelierTheremin / Manfred Miersch, Arne Paul Neumann & Slyder C. Gässler
mastered by Folke Jensen

Part 1 - lp 

Arne plays:  Vester Tele (slide, fuzz & EBow) electric guitar, loops and filters on  Nominale Spannung
Klira (slide, fuzz & EBow) electric semi-baritone guitar, loops and filters on  Möhnesee · Wo ist Kraut?

Part 2 - cd (inside) 

Arne plays:  Vester Tele (slide, fuzz & EBow) electric guitar, loops, filters and Jaguar bass guitar on  Ararat
Klira (fuzz & EBow) electric semi-baritone guitar, loops and filters on  Komm mit
Vester Tele electric guitar and filters on  Hung Urgyen
Risa (slide, fuzz & EBow) electric guitarlele, Framus 8-string hawaiian steel guitar and filters on  Aus dem Zodiak, Berlin, live 18.6.2009 / Live at the ex-Zodiac Free Arts Lab

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Preslisa - Back In Bornheim

cd   SUPnoize 29  2013

Arne (Körnel Parka): Risa guitarlele + Danelectro baritone guitar on  One boy, two little girls
Danelectro baritone on  There's so much world to see · Mirage · Forget me never · Blue moon 


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Arenor Anuku - Geld spielt keine Rolle

cd   self distr.  2012

all songs: music & lyrics by Arenor Anuku (except Wie kann das sein: music & orig. lyrics by Kieran McMahon
Arne: Jaguar bass guitar on  Schön · Geld spielt keine Rolle · Kreuzberg · Wie kann das sein · Frieden · Mändy · Gar nicht okay · Gib nicht auf · Genaugenommen · Für uns · Gänsehaut 
Framus 8-string hawaiian steel (hawaiigitarre) + Jaguar bass on  Eins-eins-zwei 

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atelierTheremin - Morgen im Garten des Neokrautrock

cd   052 009   krautopia 2009

composed, mixed and produced by atelierTheremin / Manfred Miersch, Arne Paul Neumann & Slyder Gässler
mastered by Folke Jensen
Arne:  Risa electric (slide, fuzz & EBow) guitarlele and filters on  Im Garten · Kleine Reise · Küri-Düri Agitprog · Erster Morgen · Mescalero 77 · Manganegra · Zweiter Morgen · Et L'Eau?
Framus 8-string hawaiian steel guitar on  In Search Of Rolf-Ulrich K. · Ba Khura Ranga
synthesized guitarlele on  Im Garten
radio-box percussion + Ruhpolding custom bass on  Haus Der Khulturen
add. toy cymbal on  Manganegra

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Preslisa - Aloha From Neukölln

cd   self distr.  2009

Arne ("Körnel Parka I."): Danelectro baritone guitar (baritongitarre) on  Slowly but surely · Do not disturb · (There's) No room to rhumba in a sportscar · You can't say no in Acapulco · A whistling tune 
solo baritone guitar on:  So close, yet so far (from paradise) 
Risa guitarlele + Dano baritone on  Could i fall in love 
Otwin hawaiian steel (hawaiigitarre) + baritone guitar (plus solo) on  City by night 
baritone + percussion on  A house that has everything · Fort Lauderdale chamber of commerce 

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Kieran McMahon - No Wonder Life Feels Strange

cd   self distr. 2009

all songs: music & lyrics by Kieran McMahon
Arne: Surfcaster bass guitar on  I found out tonight ·  Let me down before i fall · No wonder life feels strange · Sing me to sleep · The day they left together ·  The wheel · Til the morning light 
Risa slide guitarlele and bass on  Aislinn 
slide & ebow guitarlele (solo) and bass on  In the cool night 
ebow guitarlele (sounds) on  Tear down the sails 

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Maximilian Hecker - I'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain

cd  vvr1042842 / lp  vvr1042841 / d-cd  vvr1042848    v2 records 2006
cd  c10303 / lp  70742841    v2 records 2006 

all songs: music & lyrics by Maximilian Hecker
Arne: Surfcaster bass guitar on  Snow white · No more lies to reach you · Your stammering kisses · Velvet son · Silly lily, funny bunny · I'll be A virgin, i'll be a mountain · Wilted flower · You came to me when i was born 
Dano baritone guitar on  Grey 

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Kieran McMahon - Falling Deeper Under A Spell

cd   lm30011   lassomusic 2005

all songs: music & lyrics by Kieran McMahon
Arne: bass guitars on  Everybody's A Fool Sometimes · The road i have wandered · Getting lost inside myself · On my way home · Gypsy heather love · Too far out · Do you think i'm blind · Don't want the night to end 
Dano baritone guitar and basses on  Thinkers don't sleep · Life's a breeze · Falling deeper under a spell

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Kohla Bombay Duck - Kohla Bombay Duck

cd   self distr./ kegelbahn  2005

all songs: music & lyrics by Andres Kohla
arranged by KohlaNeumann & Schlüter 
Andres Kohla:  acoustic guitars and vocals 
Ralf Schlüter:  organ, synth bass and rhythmbox 
Arne:  Framus hawaiian steel guitar and Danelectro electric baritone 

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Maximilian Hecker - Lady Sleep

cd  ky05096cd / d-lp  ky05096dlp   kitty-yo eur 2005
cd + lp  kyyo 5096 / lp  ky5096lp   kitty-yo usa 2005
cd  frcx 726497 / lp  frcx 726504   kitty-yo usa 2005
cd  vvr1045362    v2 records 2007

Arne: bass guitar and Framus hawaiian steel (lap steel) guitar on  Everything inside me is ill
bass guitar and Danelectro baritone guitar on  Help me · Full of voices
bass guitars on  Birch · Anaesthesia · Summer daze in bloom · Daze of nothing · Lady sleep
fuzz bass on  Yeah, Eventually she goes

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Preslisa - Sonnenstudio Session 01/04

cd   self distr.  2004

Arne: hawaiigitarre + baritongitarre on Angel · What every woman lives for · Song of the shrimp

vinyl-ep   bassy rec. 001  2004

Arne: Framus hawaiigitarre on Song of the shrimp

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instruments, tools & devices:  Danelectro Baritone / UB2 · Framus Electra 8-string Hawaiian Steel · Risa Guitarlele / Electric Guitalele · Squier Jaguar Bass · Charvel Surfcaster Bass 1993 · Custom Ruhpolding Bass /w Shadow piezo pu & Fishman preamp (no frets) · Klira Kentucky Semi-Baritone /w Göldo Trem · Vester Voyager Telecaster 1995 · Otwin Hawaii · Kasuga Concert (nylon string) · Gibson short-scale 1964 · Fender Precision 1978 (no frets) · Hoyer Taurus Bass 1982 · EKO BA6 / BA-6 Acoustic Bass 1979 · MSA Classic/B&B · YRG Gen2 Guitar MIDI Controller · 2x ART Tube MP Studio 2002 · Fender Studio Bass 200W 1979 · 1x15" Jensen EM1501 1966 · 2x VOX Pathfinder 15r 2002+2003 · 2x12" Eminence Legend V12 Cabinet · 1x10" Leslie Model 16 Rotary Speaker · EBow · Dunlop & Brozman Steel Bars
live * studio recording * music arrangement * vintage gitarren & bässe * aufnahmen bass & gitarre in 24-bit (Echo Audiofire / Sonar)  * MIDI