a few compilations Arne can be heard on…


Halleluhwah! Hommage à CAN - Various Artists

companion cd to catalog on the eponymously titled ABTART exhibition    krautopia   ger 2011

Arne: semi-baritone guitar on Wo ist Kraut? (artist: atelierTheremin) · semi-baritone & slide guitarlele on Soul Desert (CAN-cover, artist: atelierTheremin)

Prog & Kraut to Rock the Crowd - Polyhymnia 2011 - Various Artists

promo-cd/ mp3  deli.kolder/amStart  ger 2011

Arne: fuzz and synthesized slide guitarlele on Im Garten (artist: atelierTheremin) ·
fuzz guitarlele on Mescalero 77 (artist: atelierTheremin)

Homemade-Lofi-Psych presents: HLFP 05 - Space is still the Place
- Various Artists

mp3 download  HLFP 05  ger 2010

Arne: fuzz guitarlele and hawaiian steel guitar on Zodiac Exploration (Live aus dem Zodiac, Berlin, 02-11-2010) (artists: atelierTheremin & Wolfgang Seidel)

Once I Was (taiwan version)
- Maximilian Hecker

d-cd  ag1072  avant garden records  taiw 2007

Arne (cd2 only): bass on Anaesthesia · Daze Of Nothing · Lady Sleep · Snow White · No More Lies To Reach You · I'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain
plus: Dano baritone guitar on Daze Of Nothing

Once I Was (south korea
version) - Maximilian Hecker

d-cd  pmcd3037  pastel music  s-kor 2007

Arne (cd2 only): bass on Silly Lily, Funny Bunny · Wilted Flower · I'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain · Full Of Voices · Everything Inside Me Is Ill · Snow White · Lady Sleep
plus: lap steel (hawaiian steel) guitar on Everything Inside Me Is Ill and Dano baritone guitar on Full Of Voices

I Am Falling Now - Maximilian Hecker

cd  0354  pocket music  chin 2007

Arne: bass on Anaesthesia· Summer Days In Bloom · Lady Sleep · Snow White · I'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain

Hildegard Knef: Ihre Lieder Sind Anders / Tribute to Hilde
(double cd-version) - Various Artists

d-cd  tr057/ docd 5001-2  tapete records  ger 2005

Arne (cd2 only): all rhythm (Dano baritone) guitars, deep twang (baritone) and Surfcaster bass on Was, Dir geht´s gut? (artist: durstdurst)

Team Kitty-Yo - Various Artists

d-cd + d-lp  ky04093cd/ ky04093dlp  kitty-yo
ger 2004

Arne (cd1/ lp2 only): Surfcaster bass and Danelectro baritone guitar on Help Me (artist: Maximilian Hecker)

Mik Baba + triebtäter -
…Notaufnahme sampler

cd  hotshit003  de 2003

Arne (aka "Aernsen"): featured bass guitars on  Last

sing Lady sing! - Various Artists

cd biber76751 vollton/biber ger 2002

Arne: bass on Tu Diosa (artist: Human Factor feat. Petra Bayer) · Ruego a La Luna (artist: Human Factor feat. Petra Bayer)

Danza Del Mar - Various Artists

cd biber76731 vollton/biber ger 2001

Arne: bass on Danza Del Mar (artist: Human Factor)