may 2022 - Arne now occasionally plays live with legendary Berlin singer-guitarplayer Lüül a.k.a Lutz Ulbrich (of 17 Hippies, former Ashra, Agitation Free...). The album 'Der stille Tanz' is out now, available as cd on his website. The album was almost finished when Arne got the call to add his bass to two last songs.
'Each Time you lose Yourself', the new album by Kieran McMahon, mastered by Doug Henderson, is almost finished. Artwork is in the making ...
- Arne has been in the studio to play bass for Snorre Schwarz! Interesting stuff, as always ...
Kieran, Carola & Arne are already back at work, rehearsing new material. ...

SOUL BIRD by Kieran McMahon

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live dates

  • Arenor Anuku - KauKau * Hohenstaufenstr 4 Berlin

  • Preslisa * Susie Asado * Madeleine Persson * Boo Hoo - "Soundcheck"|"Musikszene Frankfurt"

  • Arenor Anuku - Rummels Perle * Reichenberger Str 47 Berlin

  • Snorre Schwarz - Intersoup * Schliemannstr 31 Berlin

  • Arenor Anuku & Alfred Mehnert - Englischer Garten * Altonaer Str 2 Berlin

  • atelierTheremin * Schneider TM * Zirkon * Von Spar - "Polyhymnia"-Festival Maria am…

  • Those were the days...

    the PEPPERSOUP four track ep by Arenor Anuku Peppersoup in 2015 - have a listen / download all tracks